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LMCButton - Fast and easy way to copy the text from the site to the clipboard

LMCButton Version 2.0

LMCButton - is a small (4 kb) and easy to use flash button which allows you to copy text to the clipboard with JavaScript. Cross-browser version, tested on: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari - Windows and Mac OS (Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome).

You can insert our button on any site. The button can copy the text that you send to it. This button will help your visitors. Now your users with a single click will be able to copy to the clipboard any text.


LMCButton - Variants of use:

  • Copy any text from your web size to clipboard (templates, contacts, email, letters).
  • Copy link or share link.
  • Generate and copy html or JS code for counters, buttons or templates.
  • Plugin development - copy any text info to clipboard.
  • Generate and copy any CSS code.
  • and more...


LMCButton License

You can use our lmcbutton (copy to clipboard cross-browser flash button) for free in personal or commercial projects. But you need to place link to our project:




LMCButton - Examples and Demos

LMCButton 2 (Letters-market Clipboard Button) Examples and demos

This demo may not work locally. Upload to your website or to a local server to demonstrate the full capabilities.


LMCButton Flash detection

You can detect flash exists or not exists on client browser with lmc_is_flash_exists() funtion.

Flash detection...

Default theme

You can change text and copy to clipboard with LMCButton

input button
input button

Copy CSS code example

Read only textarea, users can select and copy your code with LMCButton


Custom theme

You can setup custom colors for LMCButton

input button
input button

Textarea Demo

You can change text and copy to clipboard with LMCButton


Other demos

You can change some buttons properties: color, caption, text



Advanced functions example

How to control button properties in realtime mode. Callback JS function and access to LMCButton properties. Due to the policy of safety (javascript and flash) these functions are available only after the user's actions (onclick, ontouch etc.). You can not use this function in hidden or backgound mode (onload, onready, by timer etc.)


(Button background color)
(Button text color)
(Button caption)